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A refined yet relaxed flair every step of the way, a natural and authentic demeanor either ultra feminine or boyish… Charlotte Gainsbourg embodies, more than ever, the spirit of the new GERARD DAREL Autumn-Winter collection.

Close to the values of the Parisian ready-to-wear house, the actress, composer and singer has spontaneously adopted the key pieces of this season. They will be revealed at the Maison Louis Carré, property of the famous Parisian gallery owner and collector. 

This temple of modern art, perfectly traced out by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto in the 50s, has naturally be chosen as the ideal place to present a powerful collection, as charming as it is intrepid. No artifice, no excess or one-upmanship. The minimalist design of the villa echoes to the design of the collection, the perfect cuts, the structured lines, the harmonious finish, the fabrics so comfortable and pleasant that we immediately want to wear them.

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The lens of the English photographer Josh Olins has captured Charlotte Gainsbourg as she is, authentic, having fun on chilly days, curled up in the softness of an oversize faux fur coat, enjoying a dilettante moment. With a Lady bag on the shoulder, a hand inside the pocket of a red and green tartan pair of trousers, worn with the ineluctable Marylin sweater that allows a glimpse at a nonchalant piece of shirt. In an « effortless » chic gesture, the sleeve cuffs hitch up and reveal a fine orange knit, the turn-ups break the classic way of wearing jeans and a belt featuring the house initials GD enhances the waist with a bright colour.

She lets herself get carried away by « sullen » shades : here, a coat featuring large blue tartan checks, a virgin wool canary yellow sweater giving the skin a fresh appearance ; there, a touch of color from the Coolbag, whose invigorating orange colour seems perfect to break from any kind of solemnity.

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Gerard Darel’s muse reveals a feminine appeal that most gladly borrows from male clothing when the precious sensuality of a silk shirt is combined with the sportswear touch of fine corduroy trousers. She overlays fabrics and motifs with a white and blue striped shirt paired with a Prince-of-Wales checked blazer jacket, puts together an urban look that is broken by a long boiled wool poncho.

Sportswear glam or relaxed chic… The autumn/winter 2018/19 collection of Gerard Darel confidently renews a contemporary elegance enabling all women to be themselves. To each and every woman to refine her style or recreate her wardrobe from day-to-day, as she so desires. Quite simply !

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