A French
success story


Danièle and Gérard Darel found the Gerard Darel house

Gerard Darel house

The brand’s first shop opens its doors


The brand’s first shop opens its doors
in Saint-Germain-des-Prés, where
Parisians mingle with artists and


The brand purchases Jackie Kennedy’s
famous necklace
at Sotheby’s.
Symbol of eternal feminine sophistication,
it becomes a classic

Sotheby’s necklace

The Sotheby’s necklace Jackie

Sac 24 heures


Creation of the «24 heures» bag.
Its success is immediate

Proust Questionnaire


Acquisition of the original
handwritten Proust Questionnaire

Let's make Love avec Marilyn Monroe


As a tribute to another legendary woman,
the house re-produces the ecru pullover made famous by Marilyn Monroe
in the film «Let’s make love»

Mini-sac 24 heures


The Darel house celebrates its 10th anniversary
the iconic bag « 24 heures » and launches
a new version, the mini « 24 heures »

Darel boutique 130 rue de Réaumur


The Darel house inaugurates at the beginning
of february a boutique at 130 rue Réaumur,
the landmark address of the house

Le sac Indie

Le Lipp

Le Ota de la ligne Tokyo


Several new bag styles make an appearance ! The
"Lipp" little companion perfect for the evening, the
"Indie" and "Seau Rebelle" the must-have bucket
bags, and the Tokyo line, composed of refined bags with
a bundle spirit.

The French know-how
in legacy

The meticulous work carried
out by the « petites mains »
inside the Atelier, located in the heart of
Paris close to the Stock Market,
underpins the house renowned
quality. Paris, and its wealth
of beauty, serves as a primary source
of inspiration for the stylists.

A tadition excellence

The collections may sometimes reveal
the influence of the vintage chic

of clothing and accessories gleaned
at the Flea Market. Each
design is original and incarnates
a timelessness that transcends
fashions and history.

The influence of the vintage chic

Behind the Gerard Darel style lies
a true tradition of excellence.

Selection of materials and leathers, work
on the draping and fluidity of the cut, attention to the
finishing, among many other things.
The demand for quality governs the production of each
piece of clothing, each accessory.

A true tradition of excellence

La Maroquinerie

The details and finishing touches are treated
with care.
The accessories of the exclusive
metalwork are refined and delicately
enhance the leather.

La Maroquinerie

La Maroquinerie

The leather craft creations by Gerard Darel are
designed in our Paris studio and manufactured
in France and the Mediterranean basin.
Meticulously selected for their quality,
our leathers are from the best tanneries,
mainly in Italy.

La Maroquinerie

Timeless as the iconic
line 24H,
Darel leather craft
is also functional and resolutely
contemporary. Each season,
new models and leathers in
subtle colours ensure the creative
and trendy renewal of our
collection, and appeals to a client
who loves fashion.

Darel's iconic pieces

Jackie Kennedy

Necklace Jackie

New York, April 1996.
A crowd from all over the
world gathered to admire the objects and jewelry
belonging to Jackie Kennedy.

Jackie’s necklace

Pullover Marilyn

The Darel house is once
again showcasing its passion for iconic pieces
and vintage style by bidding and
buying at the Christie’s auction
in 1999, the cable knit pullover having
belonged to Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn Monroe's pullover

Le jean Anna

Anna Jeans

Created in 2004 by the Darel house, Anna jeans will
celebrate their 10th anniversary in 2014. With a real bell-bottom
style and in natural denim, Anna jeans are elegant
without ostentation, naturally Left Bank.

Sac '24 heures'

« 24 heures » bag

Launched exactly thirty years after the creation of the Darel house,
the « 24 heures » bag showcases all the codes of Darel’s on-point,
hyper-feminine, clear sighted fashion.

Le trench

The trench

Since always, the Darel House sets forth its know-how
for sleeved clothing with strong character: coats,
trench coats and jackets. Cuts and fabrics are constantly
reinvented to adapt with subtlety to trends.

The Proust

« Which are the principal qualities of a woman for you?
Softness, naturalness, intelligence », answered Marcel Proust, aged 14.

On Tuesday, 27th May, 2003, the maison Darel acquired the original document of the famous « Questionnaire » at an
auction by the Drouot Auction House in Paris, France. The maison Darel fell under the spell
of this touching document, which displays the charm, sensitivity and spirit
to be found throughout the works of Marcel Proust.